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JoAnne has been singing all her life. At the tender age of eight, she was singing all the words to all the TV themes and commercials and all the old songs of her parents day.

At thirteen, in grade seven at John XXIII High School, JoAnne was invited by Father John Walsh, chaplain at the time, to join a small group of seven singers at St.Veronica's Parish in Dorval, Quebec. Her first solo, strangely enough - “Both Sides Now” written by Joni Mitchell.

JoAnne Mitchell Two years later, the choir “A Package Of Care” now numbering eighty five, performed every week for the 12 o’clock mass on Sunday to a packed, standing room only church. JoAnne and three other girls with good vocal power, held their own vocal section together with as much stamina as fifty voices in the next section. She had her first memorable solo performance singing the Battle Hymn of the Republic on the Sir Wilfred Laurier stage at Place Des Arts when the choir was invited to sing for the graduation ceremony of a prestigious high school.

When the Package Of Care’s vocal director retired, the choir voted JoAnne in as their new conductor. With help from long standing guitarist Bob Bourdon, the musical duo continued with the teens until other professional commitments eventually dismembered the big group.

At fifteen, JoAnne began her professional career joining the union, making some money and paying her dues, singing back-up vocals for Claude Philippe (original conductor for the Package Of Care) at the posh Sonesta hotel in downtown Montreal, four nights a week.

Finishing high school, glee club, swimming, performing major drama leads in two musicals, "West Side Story" as well as being the assistant director for "Oliver”, kept her very busy. At her own grade 11 graduation ceremonies, she was presented her diploma along with a surprise music scholarship.

At age 21 JoAnne returned home from a 3 months working holiday as a chamber maid in England for a British hotel chain, to a message call from Dino Vale another long-time local Montreal artist who had been looking for JoAnne to join a quartet performing at the then famous Black Sheep Lounge at Ruby Foo's Hotel. Now a soloist, JoAnne joined very well known musicians Perry Carmen on piano, the infamous Tony Romandini on guitar, Yvon Guenette on base and the late George Angers on drums.

The following year another call came from C.J.A.D.‘s radio personality Steve Michael's about a gig at the prestigious yet unopened Hotel Quatre Saisons in Montreal. JoAnne auditioned and was chosen to be the in house vocalist with the Colin Biggin Orchestra in the Pierre de Coubertin dining room just in time to open the hotel for the 1976 Summer Olympic Games. There, JoAnne entertained dignitaries like Prime Minister Trudeau and his new wife Margaret, just to mention two of the hundreds who heard her sing six nights a week for the following three years.

These experiences and musicians were JoAnne's teachers and trainers. JoAnne moved on to perform with many of the big bands in all of the major hotels in Montreal including the Oval Room at Ritz, The Portage at the Hotel Bonaventure and the Beaver Club at the Queen Elizabeth.

In the early 80's JoAnne married and today has three beautiful daughters and a most handsome son. All grown up. She is blessed. Many thanks go out to those who aided through the years. “They” know who they are, especially Chris Blais of Manta Studios.

JoAnne has successfully completed many cruise contracts, traveling to Europe and the America's, as a duo, trio or quartet member, all with excellent reviews. When not aboard ship, JoAnne keeps busy locally, performing solo with backing tracks for many senior residences singing all of their favourite songs.

JoAnne has put together and very successfully starred in her own shows for major entertainment clubs that offer golf, tennis, yacht and curling in and around Montreal. She has done weddings with great style and funerals with tremendous calm and understanding; two difficult and challenging entertainment fields. "She seems to have the natural ability to choose and sing the appropriate song all the time."

She collaborated with long time friend and pianist Gerry Pucci and together they recorded and released a Christmas album called “Christmas In Montreal”.

Singer JoAnne Mitchell
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What do they say about JoAnne...

«You and your show were remarkable. It was greatly entertaining and beautifully presented. I was happy to have been a member of your audience. Your warm personality and stage presence would never give away any time spent off the stage. It is all so natural and should not be tampered with. You alone would be aware of any defect. Your professionalism would surely cover anything in the moment that you were unhappy with. So my dear, as I said “it was rockin’” and a whole lot of fun! Just do what you do and don’t fix what ain’t broke... Keep me posted and continued success dear JoAnne. Love »

Ranee Lee, Canadian Jazz Vocalist

«The charts were excellent. I had a blast!»

Richard Ring, Montreal Jazz Guitarist

«JoAnne Mitchell - the most dedicated, caring, entertaining, always satisfying the crowd.»

Perry Carmen, Perry Carmen Productions

«I personally retained Joanne's services for a memorial service in honour of my parents. The love songs that she sang before and throughout the ceremony profoundly touched the 300 people in attendance and most particularly the members of our family.»

«Joanne has a magnificent voice and a very flexible approach and her repertoire is adaptable to a variety of events. I would not hesitate to recommend her and I am convinced that your future guests would enjoy a memorable evening.»

Jean R. Lachance, Chairman - Affinity Market Group, T.D. Meloche Monnex

«As both Activity Director and Public Relations Manager, it is important to me to ensure that the residents thoroughly enjoy the entertainment, as they will talk to others about it later. Her (JoAnne) level of performance captivated staff, management and residents. JoAnne was definitely outstanding. Anyone who does not allow JoAnne the opportunity to perform her routine is really missing out on a great act and a real crowd pleaser.»

Kevin Rogler, Community Relations Manager - Barrie Ontario

«JoAnne Mitchell sings from her heart and her heart is filled with song. Her effortless vocal expression brings to life the lyrics and her audiences are quick to respond with appreciation for her personal interpretation of so many popular renditions of golden standards.

JoAnne has a presence when she is performing that instantly distracts people from what they are doing to pay attention. The varied ambiances in which JoAnne expresses her musical talents range from restaurant supper entertainer to boat cruise band vocalist, and all who hear her are assured they won’t remain on the sideline for long. The quality of her voice was honed in church choirs and her professional career has further perfected the quality of her tone and range of voice.

An evening with JoAnne is always a night to remember.»

Father John Walsh - Pastor at Jean Brebeuf Church and Radio Broadcaster on C.J.A.D. 800AM

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